Boulder Uninsured Motorist Coverage Attorneys


If you have been  injured by a negligent driver, that driver may very well be uninsured.  If this happens in your case, you must submit a claim for uninsured motorist benefits under your insurance policy.  This should not negatively impact your insurance rates because the accident was not your fault.

Many negligent drivers have auto insurance but not enough coverage to compensate for the losses caused.  The minimum amount of auto liability insurance is only $25,000, which is often inadequate even in relatively minor collision cases.  Depending on how much insurance you have, it may be possible to obtain additional compensation under your automobile insurance policy or policies.

While you do have recovery options, you must follow proper protocol in resolving underinsured motorist claims.  The underinsured motorist's policy must be exhausted first, and your insurance company must be given the option to pursue him prior to settlement.  It is a good idea to have legal representation in such a situation in order to avoid a situation in which you inadvertently prevent yourself from receiving UIM benefits.