Tips for Driving in the Rain this Spring

Spring is here and with it comes rain. While the rainy season is usually welcomed after a harsh winter---for drivers in Denver, it can spell disaster. Flash flood warnings, mudslides, and heavy thunderstorms make it dangerous for all drivers. Knowing what to do in a rainstorm can make all the difference and can help you avoid devastating car accidents this spring.

Tips for Driving Safely in the Rain


  • Avoid speeding in rain and try to go a little slower than usual to give yourself time to react in an emergency.
  • Do not drive in low-lying areas when there is a flood warning in effect.
  • Do not attempt to cross standing water—even if it is shallow.
  • If you approach a flooded street, turn around and choose an alternate route.
  • If your car stalls in standing water, leave your vehicle immediately, call 911, and head for high ground.
  • Use emergency flashers or flares if you get stuck on the road.
  • Use your daytime headlights during thunderstorms so other drivers can see you better.
  • Leave extra distance between you and the cars in front of you. You will need more time to brake in an emergency.
  • Use extreme caution at intersections when the power is out. Dangerous T-bone accidents often occur during power outages at intersections.

Even light rain can be dangerous and cause the grime and oil on the road to become slick. This makes it much easier for drivers to lose control of their cars and skid. If your car does skid, do not slam on the brakes. Instead, apply steady pressure to your anti-lock brakes and steer the car in the direction of the skid.

Prepare in Advance


Before you get caught in an emergency situation, be prepared for the worst. This includes packing an emergency car kit with road flares, bandages, and tire repair kits. Have emergency contact numbers handy and the number of a roadside assistance program. This spring, consider replacing your worn wiper blades and make sure your tires are properly inflated before heading out.

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