Small Business Bankruptcy

Small Business Bankruptcy Lawyer in Boulder 

Struggling small business owners differ in many respects from consumer debtors. First, small business owners may owe substantially more money than consumer debtors. This is because businesses can consume lots of cash, and it is not uncommon for business owners to go "all in." These owners often invest every asset they own and will invest borrowed money as well. If the business fails, the owner can end up in a very difficult financial position. 

How We Can Help You Handle Your Small Business Bankruptcy 

The lawyers at Goff & Goff, LLC have been advising small business owners for decades. We can determine what debts are obligations of the owner versus obligations of the business. We can also help our clients prioritize what debts need to be paid. We are comfortable negotiating with creditors on the business owner's behalf. 

If necessary, we can help the business owner prepare and file a personal bankruptcy. Once the case is filed, we prepare our client for the creditor's meeting, and we can deal with and have experience addressing virtually any issue that can arise during the bankruptcy process. 

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