Child Support

Child Support Lawyers in Boulder 

Colorado law requires that both parents financially support their children through the age of 19. The basis for calculating each parent's obligation is known as the Colorado child support formula. The child support formula considers the gross incomes of both parents and allows for certain deductions for items such as health insurance premiums. After a child support number is calculated, one parent usually owes the other parent a certain amount of money that must be paid on a regular basis. Due to the complexities of calculating child support and the long term expense associated with paying it, consulting with an experienced family lawyer prior to agreeing on a child support amount is advisable.

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Primary Factors in Determining Amount of Child Support 

Some of the factors considered in calculating the amount of child support include:

  • Gross income of both parties
  • Number of overnight stays
  • Child's portion of any health insurance premiums
  • Childcare expenses
  • Other child support payments being made or received
  • Maintenance obligations

What Happens If a Parent Fails to Pay Child Support? 

Parents who do not pay child support can be held in contempt of court and jailed until they comply. In addition, a non-paying parent can suffer administrative actions by the State, including loss of drivers license and revocation of professional license.  

If you are not receiving court ordered child support payments and your ex is refusing to pay, you should consider initiating contempt of court proceedings against them. 

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