High Net Worth Divorce

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Clients with substantial assets and/or income require particular attention during the divorce process. Many high net worth couples own a variety of assets, some of which may be difficult to value, including closely held businesses. It is important in such cases to ensure that all of the material assets which comprise the marital estate are appropriately valued and fairly set apart to each spouse. The lawyers at Goff & Goff, LLC all have an understanding of business concepts and are comfortable analyzing financial information. We also have substantial experience in high net worth divorces including the consideration and division of estates which include stock options, real estate, trust interests and family owned businesses.

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Child Support and Spousal Maintenance

In a high net worth divorce, child support and spousal maintenance determinations can often not be reduced to a formula. Child support calculators essentially stop after $30,000 in gross monthly income, and the maintenance formula, which provides for a monthly payment to the lower earner of 40% of the higher earner's monthly adjusted gross income minus 50% of the lower earner's monthly adjusted gross income, does not apply to divorcing couples who earn more than $240,000 per year. The lack of clear guidelines both for child support and maintenance for high income couples increase the need for effective legal representation.