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Grad Cap on $100 Bills | Contact a Boulder Bankruptcy Attorney at Goff & GoffStudent loans are dischargeable in bankruptcy, but it is difficult for many debtors to get bankruptcy relief with respect to student loans. There is a test that is applied when debtors are seeking the discharge of student loans in bankruptcy:

1. The debtor has to establish that they’ve made a good faith effort to repay the debt.

2. They also have to establish that their situation financially doesn’t allow them to make any meaningful payment on the student loans.

3. They have to show that their financial situation is not expected to change for the better in the foreseeable future.

If there is a debtor who can satisfy all three of those requirements, it is possible to discharge part or all of a student loan in bankruptcy because repayment would be considered an undue hardship. The evaluation of the discharge-ability of student loans in a bankruptcy is obviously done on a case by case basis. If you have student loan debts, an experienced Boulder bankruptcy attorney can help you determine whether they are good candidates for discharge.

The Trump Administration recently announced that it is considering making changes in the Government's defense of student loan discharge cases to enable more debtors to discharge their student loans in bankruptcy.

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