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Child Support is routinely ordered in paternity and divorce cases.

Father and Daughter | Boulder Child Support Attorneys Goff & GoffIn Colorado, there are laws that help us determine the appropriate amount of support needed for the care and well being of children. This is known as the Colorado child support formula and its calculations determine how much you will be responsible for paying in child support.

The child support formula takes the gross incomes of both parties involved and allows for certain deductions. This combined adjusted gross income is then compared with a database to arrive at a specific "lifestyle" number. This number is then apportioned to each parent based on specific factors. Parents are then given a number, which is considered their "share" of the child support. Deductions are allowed, but are usually things like daycare expenses and health insurance premiums.

When a final child support number is calculated, it is then the parent's responsibility to pay this amount for the care and rearing of their children. Yet divorcing parents are often taken aback by the amount they now owe and are often concerned about meeting these obligations, especially if they are already in financial debt.

Primary Factors for Child Support

Before divorcing couples agree on a child support amount, it is important to understand the factors that are considered in the calculation of this amount, including:

  • Gross income of both parties
  • Number of overnight stays
  • Child's portion of any health insurance premiums
  • Childcare expenses
  • Other child support payments being made or received
  • Maintenance obligations
  • And more

Failure to Pay Child Support

Sadly, even when divorcing couples finalize the terms of their divorce and a child support amount is determined; many parents fail to make the payments on time or even at all. Parents who don't pay child support make life difficult for their children, and it is the child who pays the ultimate price. The Colorado family law courts do not look favorably on parents who fail to pay child support and those parents may be in danger of losing their parenting rights.

If you are waiting for child support payments and your ex-spouse has failed to pay, there are things Colorado law allows you to do:

  • Put a lien on ex-spouse's property or bank accounts
  • File for contempt
  • Gambling payment intercept
  • Lottery intercept
  • Suspension of licenses
  • Report to directory of new hires
  • Report to credit bureaus
  • Deductions for health insurance
  • Intercept tax refunds
  • And more

Our experienced Boulder child support attorneys can help you hold your ex responsible for failure to pay child support. There are ways you can obtain the payments that you need to care for your children---so don't delay.

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