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Arguing Couple. Contact the Boulder Divorce Attorneys at Goff & Goff for help with your divorce.Establishing paternity in Colorado is an extremely important and complicated area of law. It is important to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt who the child's biological father truly is. This is not only important for the well being and emotional development of the child, but also for establishing custody, visitation rights, and child support. Numerous factors must be determined before paternity can be effectively established. Some of these factors include who is listed on the birth certificate, who the mother is married to, the age of the child, and even the results of genetic testing.

Under the Uniform Parentage Act in Colorado, any parent can petition to establish a father's paternity. Men who have been named as the father may not believe that they are truly the biological father of the child and may wish to establish paternity. Men who believe that they are the father of a child, but are being denied visitation or parenting rights may also file for paternity. And mothers who are seeking child support from the father of their child may file to establish paternity. The vast majority of paternity suits are filed for either financial reasons or parenting rights reasons.

How is Paternity Proven?

These days, it is generally easiest to prove paternity through DNA testing. Men who believe they are the biological fathers or those who are trying to disprove paternity claims can submit to a DNA test to see if they match the baby. If a child's DNA and the father's DNA do not match, then paternity is disproven.

Why is Paternity Important to Establish?

In divorce cases or in child support cases, it is important to establish who is legally responsible for caring and raising the child. The biological father will need to provide financial support for his child and may gain the parenting responsibilities that come with it. This could include visitation rights and custody rights. Conversely, a man who is named as the father of a child that is not biologically his, would need a paternity test to avoid paying child support or the other financial responsibilities that come with raising a child.

If you have questions regarding paternity issues, it is important to speak to an experienced and skilled paternity lawyer at Goff & Goff today. We can help you establish paternity clearly and fight for your parenting rights along the way.

In addition to the financial importance of establishing paternity, it is important to establish paternity for the child's sake, health, and wellbeing. A father is an important figure in a child's life and denying a child his or her father can have long-lasting and emotional consequences later in life. In addition, numerous genetic health conditions can be passed down from father to child. It is important for children to know what their paternal health history is and whether they are at risk for a serious illness or disease as they mature into adulthood.

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