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Soldier Saluting at Sunset | Boulder Military Divorce AttorneysThe State of Colorado has numerous military bases, including Fort Carson, Schriever, Peterson AFB, and Buckley AFB. These bases house thousands of servicemen and women, and the surrounding communities are full of retired military families.

These families are unique, and as such, they require a law firm with experience handling the issues that military couples and families face during divorce. Military retirement benefits, medical benefits, Tri-Care, and special visitation plans when a military parent deploys are all issues that your divorce lawyers can help you address.

Special Concerns During Military Divorces

Unlike traditional civilian divorces, military divorces are tightly governed and there are specific rules and regulations in place that determine how military benefits may be divided during a divorce. Some of those special military divorce concerns include:

  • Military retirement, including Thrift Savings Plan
  • Child custody and visitation, including the rights of stepparents while military parent is actively deployed
  • National Guard and Reserve issues
  • Health benefit issues, including Tri-Care

Determining Jurisdiction in Colorado Divorce Cases

Before filing a divorce in Colorado, you need to determine which court has jurisdiction over your case. Your divorce may be handled in the state in which you are stationed, the state you and your spouse reside, or the state the military member claims residency.

In order for Colorado to decide a case, they must have jurisdiction. For example, it is possible to be deployed to Colorado but live in Kansas. Due to the nature of military life, there may be many states involved and it can be confusing to determine which court has jurisdiction over your divorce proceedings.

Although military divorce takes place in a civilian court, there are special state and federal laws that dictate specific military divorce rules. An experienced Boulder military divorce lawyer at Goff & Goff Law can help you navigate through the divorce process, even if you are currently deployed or not a resident of Colorado. Call us today to learn more.

Military Divorce and Deployment

There are situations when spouses may wish to file for divorce while their spouse is actively deployed. There are laws in place, such as the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, that protect actively deployed military servicemen and women from legal actions, such as divorce.

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