How Does Your Judge Affect the Outcome of Your Divorce?

As you may already have realized, there are a variety of people who can have an impact on the outcome of your divorce. Of course, your spouse will have a significant impact on the direction your divorce takes, as well as family members on both sides. Your attorney and your spouse’s attorney will also determine, to some extent, how your divorce will proceed. Yet, the one person who could potentially exert the greatest amount of influence over your divorce, however, is the judge.


As with all professions, family court judges may fall into one of several categories. Judges who have been sitting on the bench for a great length of time may be world-weary and have likely heard every imaginable story possible. This judge is short on patience and almost never grants a continuance, no matter the reason. If this judge sounds like one you don’t want to have, in fact, not all is negative. This judge will also be extremely experienced, and, in the end, will tend to rule fairly and equitably.

The peacemaker judge just wants everyone to be nice to one another in the courtroom, will be particularly sensitive to children’s rights, and really just wants everyone to leave the courtroom happy. Unfortunately, divorce and child custody cases are among those cases, which typically have few happy endings.

The next type of judge is known to be “by-the-book,” no matter the situation. Everything will be done in this courtroom by the rules of law. Too often, the “by-the-book” judge has already made up his or her mind about your case, almost before you have had a chance to open your mouth, making it difficult to get a fair hearing.

The judge who goes out of his or her way to split assets and parental responsibilities in an exact 50/50 split is known as “equalizer” judges. If your divorce really requires a judge who can look at the whole situation prior to splitting everything right down the middle, this can be a decided stumbling block during your divorce.

Perhaps the judge who can do the most harm to your divorce is the lazy judge; this judge can’t be bothered to read the necessary paperwork, and is generally only going through the motions, waiting for retirement or something better to come along.


In truth, it is likely you will get a judge who is a combination of the above types; the very best divorce judge will be unafraid to make a tough call, and highly knowledgeable regarding divorce laws in your state. The truly great family court judge will be impartial and diplomatic with a touch of compassion thrown in.

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